Management of M&A projects

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Objective: to improve skills, to acquire additional competencies in the field of managing M&A projects

Category of trainees: persons with higher education

Requirements for the level of education: people with higher education

Type of issued document: certificate of professional development, established by the PFUR

Duration of training: 20 academic hours

Form of training: full-time and part-time

Стоимость программы: 20 000 руб.

The course is dedicated to teachers of economic disciplines, senior students, post-graduate students, project managers seeking a systematic understanding of the functioning of the M&A market, key concepts and motivations for M&A projects, practical aspects and the main reasons for M&A transactions failures.

The objectives of the advanced training program "Management of M&A projects" are:

● study of the key motives for the implementation of M&A projects;

● acquisition of basic theoretical knowledge related to mergers and acquisitions projects;

● studying the principles of corporate mergers and acquisitions as an organizational development strategy;

● study of project planning tools and control of its execution;

● the formation of the concept of the essence of synergy, its acquisition and preservation in the context of the management of M&A projects;

● obtaining skills to assess the value of M&A projects;

● familiarization with methods of protection against hostile takeovers;

● Building understanding of the processes in M&A projects.


Course outline:

Section 1. M&A Activity

The concept of mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Main objectives of M&A projects: operational, financial, investments, strategic. Historic merger waves. Drivers of M&A activity.

Different forms and types of M&A. Corporate governance. The link between corporate governance and M&A.

Section 2. M&A valuation

Due diligence. Principles of corporate valuation. Private vs. public companies’ valuation. Measurement of performance. Drivers of profitability Discounted cash flow (DCF) valuation method.

Determining the WACC. Calculating the Free cash flow (FCFF). Valuation of the company in the process and after the merger. M&A failures. Different ways of financing an M&A transaction. Does M&A create value? Forms of payment in M&A. Advantages and disadvantages of different forms of payment.

Section 3. Project Management and Successful M&A

Definition of a project. Project management. Project constrains. Project lifecycle. Milestones. Schedule compression technics. Organization structure. Program and portfolio management. Project management office (PMO).

Structure of M&A projects. The role of PMO in M&A projects. Scope management. Time management. Cost management. Legal aspect management. Financing management. Valuation management. HR management. Risk management. Procurement management. Marketing management. Brand architecture.

Secton 4. The M&A project phases

Project definition and Planning. Search and screen target companies. Go-no-go assessment. Change of control (CoC). Negotiation. Integartion works. The concept of synergy. Operational and financial synergic effects. Synergy creation.

Secton 5. Hostile Takeover and Anti-Takeover Defense

M&A tactics management. Hostile takeover. Attack tactics. Defense tactics.


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