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Dear Xi’an New Silk Road University Students Alliance Membership Universities,

Happy New Year from Year! Wish you all a successful year in 2018!

It was our great pleasure that you could join the Xi’an New Silk Road University Students Alliance in September of 2017. The purpose of establishing the Alliance is to create educational platforms that encourage inter-school exchanges, personnel training, scientific research collaboration, cultural communication, social services, and other aspects of cooperation, to provide exchange opportunities for the university students along the Belt and the Road countries.  

In order to uphold the purpose of the Alliance, provide chances for students to know more about Xi’an culture and history, Chinese customs and undergoing economic environments, as well as Chinese enterprise management, to enhance the communication among membership universities. Four famous Xi’an universities (also Alliance membership universities) including Northwest University, Xidian University, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, Xi’an International Studies University decided to work together and promote a summer school program known as “Re-walk the Ancient Silk Road / Experience the Modern Charm of Xi’an” (Announced at the establishment conference).

The summer program will last for ten days, and it consists diversified programs including in-class lectures, enterprise visits and discussion, filed studies and students communications. It will be a wonderful opportunity for students to learn more from each other and acquire knowledge about Chinese culture, economics, and management. Most importantly, we offer 1000 RMB discount for all membership universities.

Please share the details of the program with your students. We welcome them to email us for registration.

The details of the program is attached. We look forward to welcoming your students in Xi’an!

Best regards,



为了践行联盟的成立宗旨,给联盟成员单位的学生提供了解西安历史文化,风土人情以及中国现当代经济发展和企业管理模式的机遇,让联盟成员单位之间的学生真正做到沟通和了解,2018年夏天,位于西安的四所知名学府:西北大学、西安电子科技大学、陕西科技大学以及西安外国语大学决定联手推出“丝路起点 魅力西安”暑期班项目( 成立大会上提出过该项目构想)。




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