Летнея школа БРИКС в Фуданьском университете

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We are very glad to reply your letter with attaching a brochure and a blank application form.  While the borchure has not yet been updated, it can still help students to know something about the Program.

Please let your students fill the form with following its demonstration. For applying the scholarship, an applicant needs to send us these documents:
1. CV;
2. at least one letter of recommendation given by a professor or an associate professor;
3. the transcript of thr 2014 academic year;
4. the application form;
5. an essay around 1,500 words on China (such as China's politics, economy, or diplomacy, etc.) or BRICS cooperations.

The dealine for submitting these documents for applying scholarship to this email address is 15 April.
We appreciate your help with spreading out this information at your honorable university. 

The Program has established 40 places for non-scholarship (self-financing), the concerned information is referred in the brochure. We would be very delighted if you also encourage your outstanding students to apply for non-scholarship. The deadline of non-scholarship application is delayed to mid-May.

Summer Semester program

Application form

Updates on the application for scholarship of Shanghai Summer School (BRICS Program) 2015